Burning Embers Necklace photo. Silver structure, the string has silver thins in long almond shapes with squares of bronze in between and the pendant has three stones: rectangular and squared rutilated quartz and an oval cornelian. Fiery complection! Mermaid Ring photo. All silver, polished band ring, very intricate designs, looking like mermaid tails. Unique and beautiful. French Milk Aquamarine Ring photo. Handmade with sterling and pure silver and aquamarine milk.
Mermaid Ring
Price: $290.00
Zimbabwe Chic Bracelet photo. 18k gold shines like no other through this fun, beautiful and exotic bracelet. A clasp at the bottom secures the piece delicately on the customer's wrists. the top is flattened with different colored and shaped tourmalines. Ménage à Trois Ring photo. Polished- finished silver ring structure with a pink tourmaline triangular shaped stone in the center. Delicate and mesmerizing Strawberry Punch Necklace. Sterling silver and copper necklace with fantastic large pink rubillite and enhanced with tourmalines.
Zimbabwe Chic Bracelet
Price: $14,300.00

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