Dragonfly Ring photo. 18k yellow gold structures in the design of a delicate dragonfly, its body contains diamonds on the sides of the ring, and on top is a gorgeous purplish fluorite. So  gentle and graceful! Majestic Tabletop Ring photo. beautifully structured 18k yellow gold shines with royalty with the strong, squared shaped rutilated quartz and the red garnet on the side details the sophisticated tabletop perfectly. Destiny Necklace photo. All silver structure, with a round center grey quartz, a beautiful antique-like design surrounding it like an orbit, and on the top and bottom there are round blue quartz and sides gorgeous opals.
Dragonfly Ring
Price: $3,100.00
Majestic Tabletop Ring
Price: $2,880.00
Destiny Necklace
Price: $470.00
Sultry Sovereign Ring photo. This is a very royal design, The 18k yellow gold really combines well with the round, center red rhodolite creating a Sultry Sovereign. The details are little dots and braided designs on the sides. Venice Necklace photo. All silver, polished finish, gorgeous composition of swirly designs with a delicate cut out heart shape in the center. Very majestic. Aurora's Charm Necklace photo. Gorgeous smoked quartz stones make up most of the necklace. They are combine by 18k yellow gold hooks and have a gold lotus flower that attaches the top part to the big, drop shaped smoked quartz stone and little red rubies.
Sultry Sovereign Ring
Price: $2,430.00
Venice Necklace
Price: $570.00
Aurora's Charm Necklace
Price: $1,670.00

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