Lagoon Necklace photo. Polished silver structure around a perfectly round, gorgeous grey Sapphire with a green tone to it. Tulip Band Ring photo. All silver. Same collection as Tulip rings and earrings, Tulip designs of polished silver in a band form. Tropical Forrest Earrings photo. Blue topaz stone at the top attached to the hook hold up the flat silver base with a cutout design of tropical forrest plants. Amazing.
Lagoon Necklace
Price: $290.00
Tulip Band Ring
Price: $230.00
Butterfly Necklace photo. Delicate and classy, the pendant is a beautiful silver butterfly design and the string is made up of pearls, tourmalines and labradorites. Elizabethan Ring photo. Polished- all silver band ring composed of all infinity- shape designs and little dots like flowers. Delicate and dainty. Flower Button Earrings photo. Adorable silver petals of a flower with a red cornelian in the center. great for any occasion and as a gift!
Butterfly Necklace
Price: $240.00
Elizabethan Ring
Price: $190.00

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