Branch Cuff Bracelet photo. Gorgeous mix of silver and bronze, the plant-stalk design is all in bronze attached to an all silver cuff bracelet. Burning Embers Necklace photo. Silver structure, the string has silver thins in long almond shapes with squares of bronze in between and the pendant has three stones: rectangular and squared rutilated quartz and an oval cornelian. Fiery complection! Garden Ring photo. beautiful silver band composed of flower designs. Polished finish on the flower petals but a darker finish under them to make them pop up.
Branch Cuff Bracelet
Price: $530.00
Garden Ring
Price: $230.00
Imperial Icicle Ring photo. This ring is made with the best-quality 18k white gold giving the name of the ring its purpose, the light blue topaz and light pink tourmaline align with the diamonds as accents bring in its imperialism. Gorgeous!! Romance Ring photo. Polished finish silver structure with a moonstone in the center and green tourmaline on the sides for accents looking like leaves. Very romantic, from the romance collection. Clarion Cornucopia Ring photo. Beautifully structured cornucopia shape made out of the best 18K yellow gold, with a light blue topaz and little detailed chocolate diamonds. This is elegant and very unique!
Imperial Icicle Ring
Price: $8,300.00
Romance Ring
Price: $330.00
Clarion Cornucopia Ring
Price: $2,770.00

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