Tiara Ring photo. This is an all 18k yellow gold band ring with three very shiny and delicate citrine stones on the top. It looks like a princess' tiara. Great as a gift! Regal Crown Ring photo. All 18k yellow gold,  this very delicate and classy ring has two thin bands with little diamond shapes flats all around it. So delicate and adorable! Flower Bed Cuff Bracelet photo. Gorgeous mix of silver and bronze, looks like a fence covered in flowers as if it were the delicate flower's bed, where they lay to showcase their subtle beauty. Flowers are all in bronze. Beautiful!
Tiara Ring
Price: $2,200.00
Regal Crown Ring
Price: $1,770.00
Asian Shrine Earrings photo. Asian-like design, it contains three rectangular parts attached to each other. One is 18k yellow gold with a triangular pink tourmaline in the center and the other two get smaller as it goes down, are green tourmalines. Sultry Sovereign Ring photo. This is a very royal design, The 18k yellow gold really combines well with the round, center red rhodolite creating a Sultry Sovereign. The details are little dots and braided designs on the sides. Heiress' Throne Bracelet photo. A gorgeous polished finish, the silver in this bracelet gleams with royalty. Just like a brand new heiress to the throne, it gleams with novelty and inspiration. The flowered border only adds a special touch to it!
Asian Shrine Earrings
Price: $6,450.00
Sultry Sovereign Ring
Price: $4,800.00

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