Triumphant Portal Ring photo. Gorgeous and intricate designs of delicate flowers and branches on an all best quality 18k gold ring. Simply beautiful. It has an overall shape and feel of a strong, triumphant portal. Regal Crown Ring photo. All 18k yellow gold,  this very delicate and classy ring has two thin bands with little diamond shapes flats all around it. So delicate and adorable! Branch Cuff Bracelet photo. Gorgeous mix of silver and bronze, the plant-stalk design is all in bronze attached to an all silver cuff bracelet.
Triumphant Portal Ring
Price: $2,800.00
Regal Crown Ring
Price: $1,770.00
Branch Cuff Bracelet
Price: $570.00
Love Triangle Earrings photo. These can be considered stud earrings because they don't hang down. The triangular pink tourmalines are very shinny and have a stunning pink tone. 18k yellow gold structures each earring. Sultry Sovereign Ring photo. This is a very royal design, The 18k yellow gold really combines well with the round, center red rhodolite creating a Sultry Sovereign. The details are little dots and braided designs on the sides. Athena's Armor Bracelet photo. All silver, gorgeous and modern squared based cutouts making the sharp silver designs look fierce on the customer's wrists/ forearms.
Love Triangle Earrings
Price: $1,950.00
Sultry Sovereign Ring
Price: $4,800.00

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