Crowne Royale Ring photo. All silver, design so beautiful like a royal artwork. Simply magnificent! Antique Leaf Earring photo. All silver, leaf-shaped base with beautiful intricate designs on top. Egyptian Osiris Necklace photo. Gorgeous structured 18k yellow gold necklace. the pendant is a horizontal oval shaped rose quartz, and a beautiful very shiny drop shaped pink tourmaline. The structure of the necklace is not soft, it stays the same shape.
Crowne Royale Ring
Price: $270.00
Elizabethan Ring photo. Polished- all silver band ring composed of all infinity- shape designs and little dots like flowers. Delicate and dainty. Brooklyn Berry Necklace photo. Gorgeous and sweet like berries necklace made of 18k yellow gold and a bunch of shiny purple amethysts making up the strap of the necklace. The pendant is a bigger, purple amethyst as well with a gold wand structure hanging. Venice Necklace photo. All silver, polished finish, gorgeous composition of swirly designs with a delicate cut out heart shape in the center. Very majestic.
Elizabethan Ring
Price: $190.00
Brooklyn Berry Necklace
Price: $1,260.00
Venice Necklace
Price: $570.00

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