Imperial Icicle Earrings photo. Like the Imperial Icicle Ring, these are made from 18k white gold, giving it a special unique appeal. Two, round, shiny, blue topaz stones at each end and 2 smaller pink tourmalines along with the diamonds on the shaft. Sultry Sovereign Ring photo. This is a very royal design, The 18k yellow gold really combines well with the round, center red rhodolite creating a Sultry Sovereign. The details are little dots and braided designs on the sides. Athena's Armor Bracelet photo. All silver, gorgeous and modern squared based cutouts making the sharp silver designs look fierce on the customer's wrists/ forearms.
Sultry Sovereign Ring
Price: $2,430.00
Brooklyn Berry Necklace photo. Gorgeous and sweet like berries necklace made of 18k yellow gold and a bunch of shiny purple amethysts making up the strap of the necklace. The pendant is a bigger, purple amethyst as well with a gold wand structure hanging. Majestic Tabletop Ring photo. beautifully structured 18k yellow gold shines with royalty with the strong, squared shaped rutilated quartz and the red garnet on the side details the sophisticated tabletop perfectly. Viny Tile Necklace photo. All silver, the center piece of this necklace is the exact same design as the Tulip bracelet. Beautiful!
Brooklyn Berry Necklace
Price: $1,560.00
Majestic Tabletop Ring
Price: $2,880.00
Viny Tile Necklace
Price: $230.00

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