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Margarita Earrings photo. In the shape of a margarita glass, these earrings are gorgeous and fun, all silver with bubbles all over the surface giving it a fun texture. Durable and life-long lasting Tropical Forrest Earrings photo. Blue topaz stone at the top attached to the hook hold up the flat silver base with a cutout design of tropical forrest plants. Amazing. Antique Leaf Earring photo. All silver, leaf-shaped base with beautiful intricate designs on top.
Margarita Earrings
Price: $325.00
Flower Button Earrings photo. Adorable silver petals of a flower with a red cornelian in the center. great for any occasion and as a gift! Aladin Earrings photo. Beautiful 18k gold earrings in a swirly shape that look like a genie's bottle or the swirly smoke coming out of it. A green tourmaline in the center adds more shine. A Snail's Shell Earrings photo. These earrings are very special and unique. It is made from red gold, giving it an earthy complexion, and the watermelon tourmaline adds to that aspect as well. The design is just like its name with little perforations.
Aladin Earrings
Price: $1,370.00
Latina Dancing Queen Earrings photo. Gorgeous and exotic complexion, 18k yellow gold round hoops hang down increasing in diameter, from them hang little colored tourmalines that shake during movement. Beautiful Imperial Icicle Earrings photo. Like the Imperial Icicle Ring, these are made from 18k white gold, giving it a special unique appeal. Two, round, shiny, blue topaz stones at each end and 2 smaller pink tourmalines along with the diamonds on the shaft.
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