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Angelic Swirls Necklace. Silver swirly designs accent a rose quartz in the shape of an almond. Gorgeous, angelic and simply divine. Navy Brine Necklace photo. The center piece of the necklace contains two round stones, a grey/blue, beautiful labradorite and an oval navy blue lapis lazuli. The strings of the necklace are also composed of labradorite. Rest is polished silver. Orbit Ocean Necklace. Same collection as Orbit O's Earrings. Silver oval orbits as the center of the piece are held by strings of beautiful aquamarine and amazonite. Like an ocean of orbits.
Navy Brine Necklace
Price: $590.00
Orbit Ocean Necklace
Price: $770.00
Destiny Necklace photo. All silver structure, with a round center grey quartz, a beautiful antique-like design surrounding it like an orbit, and on the top and bottom there are round blue quartz and sides gorgeous opals. Lagoon Necklace photo. Polished silver structure around a perfectly round, gorgeous grey Sapphire with a green tone to it. Winding Vine Necklace photo. All silver, intricate vine and delicate flower design as its center focus, the "string" is composed of thin flats of silver and the flowers. Beautiful like a romantic garden. Can be paired up with other necklaces.
Destiny Necklace
Price: $470.00
Lagoon Necklace
Price: $290.00
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