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Margarita Earrings photo. In the shape of a margarita glass, these earrings are gorgeous and fun, all silver with bubbles all over the surface giving it a fun texture. Durable and life-long lasting Tropical Forrest Earrings photo. Blue topaz stone at the top attached to the hook hold up the flat silver base with a cutout design of tropical forrest plants. Amazing. Antique Leaf Earring photo. All silver, leaf-shaped base with beautiful intricate designs on top.
Margarita Earrings
Price: $325.00
Flower Button Earrings photo. Adorable silver petals of a flower with a red cornelian in the center. great for any occasion and as a gift! Tulip Ring photo. Gorgeous twirling of the tulip stalk in the shape of a ring, with the tulip flower at the center. Same collection as the tulip earrings and necklace. Lemongrass Ring photo. Most gorgeous bright green chalcedony stone in the shape of a tear drop held by a polished silver structure.
Tulip Ring
Price: $330.00
Lemongrass Ring
Price: $630.00
Boiling Bubbles Ring photo. Fun and exciting all silver, shiny with a polished finish, many bubbles gathered in a triangular format. Crowne Royale Ring photo. All silver, design so beautiful like a royal artwork. Simply magnificent! Garden Ring photo. beautiful silver band composed of flower designs. Polished finish on the flower petals but a darker finish under them to make them pop up.
Boiling Bubbles Ring
Price: $430.00
Crowne Royale Ring
Price: $270.00
Garden Ring
Price: $230.00
Romance Ring photo. Polished finish silver structure with a moonstone in the center and green tourmaline on the sides for accents looking like leaves. Very romantic, from the romance collection. Bittersweet Affair Ring photo. Gorgeous and big red Rubelite is the center of the ring and a silver ring structure holds it with beautiful flowery designs on the sides. Mermaid Ring photo. All silver, polished band ring, very intricate designs, looking like mermaid tails. Unique and beautiful.
Romance Ring
Price: $330.00
Mermaid Ring
Price: $270.00
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