Antique Leaf Earring photo. All silver, leaf-shaped base with beautiful intricate designs on top. Viny Tile Necklace photo. All silver, the center piece of this necklace is the exact same design as the Tulip bracelet. Beautiful! Love Triangle Earrings photo. These can be considered stud earrings because they don't hang down. The triangular pink tourmalines are very shinny and have a stunning pink tone. 18k yellow gold structures each earring.
Viny Tile Necklace
Price: $230.00
Love Triangle Earrings
Price: $1,690.00
Crowne Royale Ring photo. All silver, design so beautiful like a royal artwork. Simply magnificent! Royal Reflector necklace photo. All silver, delicate and beautiful design. Latina Dancing Queen Earrings photo. Gorgeous and exotic complexion, 18k yellow gold round hoops hang down increasing in diameter, from them hang little colored tourmalines that shake during movement. Beautiful
Crowne Royale Ring
Price: $270.00

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