Tuscany Necklace photo. Same collection as the Tuscany Earrings, Ring, and Bracelet. 18K yellow gold shapes this necklace with many swirly and leaf designs incorporating very elegantly the green tourmaline and larger, round green milt aquamarine in center Tuscany Necklace
Price: $17,700.00
Luscious Lagoon Ring photo. Gorgeous, milky, round, green-blue aquamarine stone has the focus of the ring. The base is rounded off and polished of the best 18K yellow gold. Take home this very much luscious lagoon ring! Luscious Lagoon Ring
Price: $2,980.00
Imperial Icicle Ring photo. This ring is made with the best-quality 18k white gold giving the name of the ring its purpose, the light blue topaz and light pink tourmaline align with the diamonds as accents bring in its imperialism. Gorgeous!! Imperial Icicle Ring
Price: $5,900.00
Bonbon Necklace photo. Gorgeous necklace composed of 18k yellow gold, pearls and different colored fluorite. Green, purple, pink, blue, etc. So fun like every little stone is a piece of candy. Bonbon Necklace
Price: $1,480.00