As a Brazilian designer, my passion is to create beautiful jewelry designs that bring my own references and artisanal quality to each piece. To me, jewelry is to be worn and gifted with intention, to take on meaning imbued with memory; wearable works of art that become future heirlooms. My intent is that when you wear my jewelry, you will feel their inner strength and outward beauty.

My inspiration comes from nature and the colors of a tropical country. Living almost my whole life in Rio de Janeiro and after receiving my education in Architecture and Fine Arts, I learned to develop a keen perception of aesthetics and to transform my ideas into defined forms. Having my own line of jewelry was a natural process.

Whatever your style, you will always find with my designs the newest one-of-a-kind jewelry treasures, from modern to romantic creations, made of sterling and fine silver, gold, and colorful gems.

After moving to Connecticut in 2006, I continued to create jewelry which always gave me intense satisfaction and transformed my creative ideas into wearable art.