Moon Ring photo. Rounded top with little perforations, a small tangerine colored cornelian at the center. All made from silver with a smooth polish finish. Moon Ring
Price: $270.00
Tulip Band Ring photo. All silver. Same collection as Tulip rings and earrings, Tulip designs of polished silver in a band form. Tulip Band Ring
Price: $230.00
Luscious Lagoon Ring photo. Gorgeous, milky, round, green-blue aquamarine stone has the focus of the ring. The base is rounded off and polished of the best 18K yellow gold. Take home this very much luscious lagoon ring! Luscious Lagoon Ring
Price: $2,980.00
Bubble Ring photo. All silver, no stones. Has the overall shape of a wave and contains many little silver bubbles on the surface. Modern with an antique touch. Bubble Ring
Price: $330.00
Geyser Lake Ring photo. Gorgeous composition. Rounded green and pink quartz is the center in the shape of a lake, with polished silver structuring it with round dots highlighted on the borders. Geyser Lake Ring
Price: $590.00