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Leaf  Earrings made of sterling silver and beryl. Puji Leaf Earrings

Price: $470.00
Silver earrings with cornelian and sapphire. Cecil Earrings

Price: $570.00
Handmade Earrings with garnet and rutilated quartz Champagne Earrings

Price: $670.00
Puff Earrings photo. A puffed all silver round top with thins of silver dangling from it in shapes of drops. Puff Earrings

Price: $370.00
stud handmade in sterling silver and emerald earrings. Manhattan Earrings

Exquisite one of a kind earrings handmade with emerald and sterling silver.

Price: $470.00
Handmade sterling silver earrings with calcedony New York Earrings

Price: $570.00
Aladin Earrings photo. Beautiful 18k gold earrings in a swirly shape that look like a genie's bottle or the swirly smoke coming out of it. A green tourmaline in the center adds more shine. Aladin Earrings

Price: $970.00
Tuscany Earrings photo. The 18k yellow gold in these earrings is the perfect combination with the green, european like milky aquamarine and green tourmaline. Same collection as Tuscany bracelet and ring, the design is like leaves. Gorgeous like no other! Tuscany Earrings

Price: $1,580.00
Virgin Star Earrings photo. Gorgeous and pure-looking earrings. The pin is attached to a 18k yellow gold star shape with a shiny champagne colored tourmaline in the center and from it hangs a string of satiny white pearls. Virgin Star Earrings

Price: $1,100.00