Zimbabwe Chic Bracelet photo. 18k gold shines like no other through this fun, beautiful and exotic bracelet. A clasp at the bottom secures the piece delicately on the customer's wrists. the top is flattened with different colored and shaped tourmalines. Zimbabwe Chic Bracelet
Price: $11,300.00
Tuscany Ring photo. Just like its cousin, the Tuscany Bracelet, this 18k yellow gold ring contains the same leaf designs with the green tourmalines that bring in the Italian air of the mediterranean lands and ocean breeze. Tuscany Ring
Price: $3,300.00
Lemongrass Ring photo. Most gorgeous bright green chalcedony stone in the shape of a tear drop held by a polished silver structure. Lemongrass Ring
Price: $630.00
Zimbabwe Chic Ring. Same collection as Zimbabwe Chic Bracelet. This ring is the exact same design and stones and outline as the bracelet with the pink, blue, and green tourmalines of different shapes. 18k yellow gold, always of the best quality of course. Zimbabwe Chic Ring
Price: $4,900.00