Tuscany Bracelet photo. Gorgeous combination of 18k yellow gold and green tourmalines with the delicate leaf designs bring in great images of the mediterranean lands of Tuscany. Delve into the history and beauty of Italy through this stunning bracelet. Tuscany Bracelet
Price: $9,900.00
Dragonfly Ring photo. 18k yellow gold structures in the design of a delicate dragonfly, its body contains diamonds on the sides of the ring, and on top is a gorgeous purplish fluorite. So  gentle and graceful! Dragonfly Ring
Price: $2,950.00
Tuscany Ring photo. Just like its cousin, the Tuscany Bracelet, this 18k yellow gold ring contains the same leaf designs with the green tourmalines that bring in the Italian air of the mediterranean lands and ocean breeze. Tuscany Ring
Price: $3,300.00
Geyser Lake Ring photo. Gorgeous composition. Rounded green and pink quartz is the center in the shape of a lake, with polished silver structuring it with round dots highlighted on the borders. Geyser Lake Ring
Price: $590.00