Tuscany Bracelet photo. Gorgeous combination of 18k yellow gold and green tourmalines with the delicate leaf designs bring in great images of the mediterranean lands of Tuscany. Delve into the history and beauty of Italy through this stunning bracelet. Tuscany Bracelet
Price: $17,900.00
Cosmic Violet Ring photo. This flawless beauty engages the eye like no other, its feel is amazing as well. The round triangular shape of the shiny, purple Amethyst is a super power. the 18K gold helps bring in the focus to the piece. Details inside. Cosmic Violet Ring
Price: $7,600.00
Aladin Earrings photo. Beautiful 18k gold earrings in a swirly shape that look like a genie's bottle or the swirly smoke coming out of it. A green tourmaline in the center adds more shine. Aladin Earrings
Price: $1,570.00