Tuscany Earrings photo. The 18k yellow gold in these earrings is the perfect combination with the green, european like milky aquamarine and green tourmaline. Same collection as Tuscany bracelet and ring, the design is like leaves. Gorgeous like no other! Tuscany Earrings
Price: $1,580.00
Tulip Ring photo. Gorgeous twirling of the tulip stalk in the shape of a ring, with the tulip flower at the center. Same collection as the tulip earrings and necklace. Tulip Ring
Price: $430.00
Tulip Bracelet photo. All silver, the center piece of this bracelet is the exact same design as the pedant in the Native Naiveté necklace. Swirls and tulip designs. Beautiful! Tulip Bracelet
Price: $670.00
Elizabethan Ring photo. Polished- all silver band ring composed of all infinity- shape designs and little dots like flowers. Delicate and dainty. Elizabethan Ring
Price: $310.00