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Garden Ring photo. beautiful silver band composed of flower designs. Polished finish on the flower petals but a darker finish under them to make them pop up. Garden Ring

Price: $310.00
bronze earrings with blue topaz Biruta Earrings

Price: $330.00
Florence Necklace photo. Handcrafted with sterling silver. Florence Necklace

Price: $390.00
Romance Ring photo. Polished finish silver structure with a moonstone in the center and green tourmaline on the sides for accents looking like leaves. Very romantic, from the romance collection. Romance Ring

Price: $430.00
Adele Tulip Ring photo. Raise up tulip sterling silver. Adele Tulip Ring

Price: $430.00
Leaf  Earrings made of sterling silver and beryl. Puji Leaf Earrings

Price: $470.00
Navin Ring photo. Sterling silver, copper and dendrite agate. Navin Ring

Price: $470.00
silver bracelet Relicario Bracelet

Price: $480.00
handmade sterling silver ring Madonna Ring

Price: $480.00
Sterling silver Snake Ring. silver Snake Ring. Snake Ring

Price: $480.00
handmade sterling silver and bronze earrings Pari Earrings

Price: $490.00
Fine silver earrings, Nugget Earrings

Price: $590.00
Gong Necklace photo. Handcrafted with fine and sterling silver. Gong Necklace

Price: $670.00
Tulip Bracelet photo. All silver, the center piece of this bracelet is the exact same design as the pedant in the Native Naiveté necklace. Swirls and tulip designs. Beautiful! Tulip Bracelet

Price: $670.00
sterling silver ring with green and pink tourmaline Sofia Ring

Price: $770.00
Handmade silver earrings with garnet stone. Paris Earrings

Price: $780.00
handmade silver ring with acquamarine Green Ocean Ring

Price: $790.00
Lemongrass Ring photo. Most gorgeous bright green chalcedony stone in the shape of a tear drop held by a polished silver structure. Lemongrass Ring

Price: $870.00
silver necklace with twisted gems Chloe Necklace

Price: $870.00
silver necklace with twisted gems Camile Necklace

Price: $870.00
Silver necklace with green tourmaline Aya Green Necklace

Price: $890.00
Geyser Lake Ring photo. Gorgeous composition. Rounded green and pink quartz is the center in the shape of a lake, with polished silver structuring it with round dots highlighted on the borders. Geyser Lake Ring

Price: $890.00
silver necklace with twisted gems Cleo Necklace

Price: $940.00