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Florence Necklace photo. Handcrafted with sterling silver. Florence Necklace

Price: $230.00
Claire Necklace photo. Made of sterling silver and cornelian. Claire Necklace

Price: $270.00
Adele Tulip Ring photo. Raise up tulip sterling silver. Adele Tulip Ring

Price: $290.00
Flower Ring Flower Knot Ring

Price: $330.00
Navin Ring photo. Sterling silver, copper and dendrite agate. Navin Ring

Price: $330.00
Handmade sterling silver ring. Lily Ring

Price: $370.00
Sterling silver Snake Ring. silver Snake Ring. Snake Ring

Price: $390.00
Fine silver earrings, Nugget Earrings

Price: $390.00
Gong Necklace photo. Handcrafted with fine and sterling silver. Gong Necklace

Price: $440.00
Leaf  Earrings made of sterling silver and beryl. Puji Leaf Earrings

Price: $470.00
Handmade sterling silver earrings with calcedony New York Earrings

Price: $570.00
Chang Necklace photo. Handcrafted with fine and sterling silver. Chang Necklace

Price: $570.00
Handmade Earrings with garnet and rutilated quartz Champagne Earrings

Price: $670.00
Silver necklace with green tourmaline Aya Green Necklace

Price: $690.00
Necklace handmade in silver and fine silver with citrine. Bubble Pendent Necklace

An unique necklace handmade with silver, fine silver and citrine.
The chain length is 19 inches and the pendent diameter 1,5 inches.

Price: $770.00
Handmade necklace made of sterling silver, fine silver and 18k gold with pink tourmaline and calcedony. Juliette Necklace

Price: $1,100.00
Liz Green Necklace Photo. Handmade necklace in sterling silver with emerald and tourmaline. Liz Green Necklace

Spectacular bold emerald necklace with two small tourmalines and handmade in fine and sterling silver.
Lenght 19 inches and emerald pendent sizing 1,5x2 inches.

Price: $1,170.00
Bright blue lapis is set in bezel of 18k gold back with sterling silver. Blue Lapis Necklace

Price: $1,180.00